No topic just stunning photography …

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Incredible Concrete Espresso Machine

Obviously Israeli design student Schmuel Linkski was fed up with the term ‘cheap and nasty plastic espresso machines’ so he has designed one encased in concrete for Lavazza.Which certainly guarantees durability. Read more of this post Wear your imagination … a new creative online community and Graphic T Shirt shop, they are currently taking design submissions. Read more of this post

Beautiful Nabokov Covers for Penguin Classics by Pentagram

Very simple yet so effective … I tweeted about these beautiful covers and within a day the link had been viewed by over 500 people Read more of this post

Designed to influence: BMW build GINA a Shape-Shifting Car Out of Cloth

This is such a futuristic concept and is now over eight years old! Yet in terms of innovation and forward thinking it is still my personal favourite. Read more of this post

Partners & Spade – Brendt Barbur (BFF) / Dear Velo Exhibit

A visually striking concept. I love how the trainers form a spiral of colour reminiscent of a fairground wheel at night. This exhibit has obviously used Ford’s kinetic design theory. Each wheel looks like it’s rotating when stationary. Now if only the spokes were real legs, that would be one easy ride!

Interactive Stretch Shelf by Pete Oyler

I found this playful yet very practical piece whilst reading Casa International. Unfortunately the text describing this product was in Chinese. However the image was strong enough to steal my attention. Read more of this post