Beautiful Nabokov Covers for Penguin Classics by Pentagram

Very simple yet so effective … I tweeted about these beautiful covers and within a day the link had been viewed by over 500 peoplewith the help of some RT’s one being @pentagramdesign. I first saw them in the June issue of Creative Review. I instantly adored the simplicity of these stunning covers, clean, minimal yet so striking! The hand drawn illustrations works so well over the traditional typed font and border.

Angus Hyland and his team have designed the covers for the entire backlist of titles by Vladimir Nabokov, one of the most acclaimed authors of the 20th Century. Penguin is publishing the 24 new books in three batches over a year.

The brief by Penguin’s Art Director, Jim Stoddart, was to move the covers away from the sombre approach used in previous editions and to focus more on the playful and satirical aspects of Nabokov’s writing in the hopes that this might encourage a new generation of readers. Illustrations were provided by Alan Baker, Christine Berrie, Luke Best, Masumi Briozzo, Astrid Chesney, Agnès Decourchelle, Marion Deuchars, David Foldvari, Michael Gillette and Slawa Harasymowicz.


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