Tejo’s Ladenkast Drawers, MUDE in Lisbon

MUDE, Lisbon Design and Fashion Museum

Text by Ricardo Carvalho + Joana Vilhena Arquitectos

The project for the Design and Fashion Museum provisional premises provides an intervention in the old Banco Nacional Ultramarino building on Rua Augusta, situated at the heart of Lisbon’s historic city centre.
The building was designed by the architect Cristino da Silva (initiated in 1952) and was characterised by a ground floor, entirely dedicated to client service with a strong urban relationship to the streets surrounding the building and, most importantly, an atmosphere distinguished by the solid nature of the materials used and the sophistication of the construction undertaken. This was the most Viennese of Lisbon banks, with a stone counter capable of defining the design of the entire space in itself and an interrupted interior that reveals the proportions of the building block from the inside.

Read more here: http://afasiaarq.blogspot.com/2010/06/ricardo-carvalho-joana-vilhena.html

Project: Museu do Design e da Moda (Provisional Instalation)
Location: Rua Augusta, Lisboa, Portugal
Date: 2009
Architecture: Ricardo Carvalho + Joana Vilhena Arquitectos
Team: Joana Vilhena, Ricardo Carvalho, José Maria Rhodes Sérgio, José Roque, Francisco Costa and Sebastião
Structure: ARA / Fernando Rodrigues
Mechanical and Electrical: AFA Consult
Graphic Design: Atelier Pedro Falcão
Client: Museu do Design e da Moda (Design and Fashion Museum) / Lisbon City Council
Building Contractor: Canas Correia
Photography: © Fernando Guerra / FG + SG


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