Matt is back on trend

Designers this season are favouring the matt look over the much desired ‘new’ shiny gloss finish. In London this season I am seeing more cars finished in this unusual but inquisitive way. We are all so use to seeing high gloss Ferrari’s but a matt black one really caught my eye. A matt black finish truly exposes the cars beautiful curves in an unspoiled paired-down way. “It’s a trend that came from the custom houses in California. It’s our most popular covering,” says Clive Sutton, whose luxury car dealership specialises in transforming the extravagant vehicles of London‘s elite with a matt black finish.

This new trend goes beyond the super cars or even this awesome stylish Trek District Carbon bike. More and more consumer products are experiencing a matt black dusting. From this MAC matt black nail gloss (very ironic) to the customised matt black Rolex Milgauss. Even iPhones/ iPads are getting this trendy make-over.

Read the full report by Oliver Franklin


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