It’s all about Ping Pong!

Ping Pong has been this season’s sport of choice especially in the ‘design world’. Starting in March we saw a fabulous sleek chrome ping pong table by Ron Arad at his ‘Restless’ exhibition. This trend has followed through to the summer months. At the Serpentine Pavilion, London and the National Arts Club’s Nyehaus Gallery, New York, the ping pong craze continued …

It was only going to be a matter of time when we would see this season’s ‘designer’ ping pong bats. Via @mocoloco ping pong bats with marquetry (top right), “stringing lines” that are traditionally used in English antique furniture (usually found on the outside in bands along the edges of furniture). Per designer Gareth Neal, “I’ve reversed this so that all the intrigue and excitement is within…”

See more of Gareth Neal’s work @iconeye

Ron Arad: Restless Barbican Art Gallery explores three decades of Arad’s designs from his early post-punk approach of assembling products from readymade parts to his exclusive and highly polished sculptural furnishings. This exhibition featured a chrome ping pong table where visitors can play at their leisure and also try out some of his chairs.  Lots of visitors took full advantage of this interactive section, free from the dreaded ‘Please do not touch’ signs.

Jean Nouvel, the acclaimed French architect responsible for extraordinary buildings from Barcelona to Berlin has completed his first building in London and it’s an outstanding example of modern architecture. Made from red steel, glass, mirrors and fabric, the main structure includes a 12m high angled wall leaning inwards, dominating the rest of the construction. (Text by Visit London)

© Gotham Gal

Outside of the main structure, there’s a chance to work up a sweat playing table tennis or relax on one of the free-standing hammocks or loungers – all in the beautiful surrounds of the luscious Hyde Park. (Text by Visit London)

Rirkrit Tiravanija “Untitled” (The Future of Chrome) table designed by Cumulus Studios

© Nyehaus, New York and Douglas Ljungkvist

Rirkrit Tiravanija exhibition, Reflection at the National Arts Club’s Nyehaus Gallery, NewYork.


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  1. He is holding a ping pong ball and looks ready to throw. Chairs Loungers

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