Hello deer, have you seen these beautiful products?

These creations are poetic and artistic approaches to everyday-use products.

I saw these fantastic ‘Bi-King’ products during this years Central Saint Martins degree show. Sung Kug Kim: “The “Bi-King” challenges me towards a new dimension of design; adopting more poetic and artistic approaches to an everyday-use product. In regard to visual expression methods, the new concept of shape communication opened an interesting insight on human perception and recognition ability which can, I found, provide an easier, more enjoyable and artistic way of transformation of everyday product into an art. It also offered me a very strong visual and design language.”

Visit Sung Kug Kim’s website here

While I was looking around a pop-up shop at the Barbican Art Gallery I came across these beautifully simple ‘Antlers’ by Alexander Taylor. “Can I take your coat my deer?” A wall-mounted coat hanger whose outline forms the profile of a reindeer – just hang your coats from the antlers. Materials: Wall-mounted coat hanger made of powder coated 8mm steel wire. Milan 2004 was the first international launch of the ‘Antlers’ coat hook for UK manufacturer Thorsten van Elten. The ‘Antlers’ coat hook won the Elle Decoration Home Accessory of the Year Award.

Read more about Alexander Taylor here

During last years CSM degree show I saw this ‘Hey Deer, What time is it?’ a brilliantly inquisitive product that instantly provoked conversation. Garðar Eyjólfsson: “We don’t pay attention to everyday objects because they are mundane and common. Everyday objects can be functional or ornamental, for example a clock and a deer’s head. By carefully observing the similarities/ connections between the two, we can create something curious and unexpected yet with familiar references.

“Hey deer, what’s the time?” is a combination of a clock and a mounted deer-head. Both the clock and the deer head belong mounted on a wall. By putting the clock instead of the eyes we create an object for the imagination.”

Visit website Garðar Eyjólfsson’s website here


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2 Responses to Hello deer, have you seen these beautiful products?

  1. those are really nice. I like them all. could use those racks at the ski lodge.

  2. i200908 says:

    Wow, very nice. thank you!

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