Tejo’s Ladenkast Drawers, MUDE in Lisbon

MUDE, Lisbon Design and Fashion Museum

Text by Ricardo Carvalho + Joana Vilhena Arquitectos

The project for the Design and Fashion Museum provisional premises provides an intervention in the old Banco Nacional Ultramarino building on Rua Augusta, situated at the heart of Lisbon’s historic city centre. Read more of this post


A table inspired by a New York pop-up map: Grand Central

I love the ‘mood changing’ element to this piece. When the table is folded away it is almost sleeping in the corner of a room, little more than an unusual side table. Read more of this post

Interactive Stretch Shelf by Pete Oyler

I found this playful yet very practical piece whilst reading Casa International. Unfortunately the text describing this product was in Chinese. However the image was strong enough to steal my attention. Read more of this post