Tracks Headphone Series inspired by the old iconic walkman headphones

Tracks Headphone Series (headphones & headphones with microphone) are on-ear headphones inspired by the function and design of the old iconic walkman headphones. Read more of this post


ThinBike Folds Flat to Fit in Tight Spaces

Bikes these days come in all shapes and sizes but this ingenious idea is the most effective and quickest way to store your bike. It could slot behind the sofa or even slide under the bed! Designed by Graham Hill, Read more of this post

Incredible intricate miniature sculptures on pencil tips by Dalton Ghetti

Click here for more incredible pencil tip sculptures

Antony Gormley figure’s how to watch over New York

It’s great to see artwork positioned in the eye of the artist not contained and forced between four walls of a museum. Read more of this post


This is a fantastic series of photo portraits of cyclists on every street below 14th, New York. Read more of this post

Tejo’s Ladenkast Drawers, MUDE in Lisbon

MUDE, Lisbon Design and Fashion Museum

Text by Ricardo Carvalho + Joana Vilhena Arquitectos

The project for the Design and Fashion Museum provisional premises provides an intervention in the old Banco Nacional Ultramarino building on Rua Augusta, situated at the heart of Lisbon’s historic city centre. Read more of this post

Lunch Break: Hit the pavement with urban clothes that are sophisticated, edgy and even a bit whimsical.

This image made me smile while flicking through W Magazine. I like the juxtaposition between the stylistic model and the approachable cuddly Elmo. Read more of this post